Young Adults of the Diocese - El Paso

Core Group

Group that consists of committed and authentic Christians, that are passionate about evangelizing and taking Jesus and his message to others. With a specific knowledge and comprehension on the Evangelization Process.

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Ademas del grupo de Jovenes Adultos, existen las Pequeñas Comunidades constituidas por pocos miembros. Se forma con personas evangelizadas durante el curso de Pastoral de Seguimiento...

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Our Mission

There is a great need of God in our world. There is also a need of committed Christians that are not only by name but rather live a full life in Christ. Authentic Christians that can take Jesus, His salvation and power, His message, and His radical life demands to the world. This world and its structures can be transformed, not by our own power, but by the power of Christ, his Cross and Resurrection. This transformation can only be done with lives committed to Jesus in being formed and transformed themselves by the power of the Holy Spirit, and this all begins with a personal encounter with Christ.


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Jornada de Informacion